GL Oil Lubrication’ın, otomotiv ve türevlerinin performansını artırmak ve bakımlarının ihtiyacını maksimum kalitede karşılamak amacıyla amatör ve profesyonellerin kullanımına sunduğu ürünleridir. Bu ürünleri otomotiv yağlama ve bakım segmentinde, mevsim ve kullanım şartlarının...

Gl Oil Lubrication’ın, Endüstrinin tüm segmentlerinde kullanılmak üzere geliştirip sunduğu ürünlerdir. Amaç ve ihtiyaçlara gore sınıflandırılmış Yüksek kalite ve performans sergileyen, yağlamaya ve korozyona karşı kullanımlarda, soğutma, ısı ve güç transferi konularında...

GL Oil Lubrication’ın, aracınız için geliştirdiği değişen mevsim, yol ve trafik şartlarına gore ihtiyacı olan bakım, temizlik ve katkı sağlayıcı extra performans ürünleridir. Bu ürünlerden bazıları şunlardır...

GL Yağ


The aim is; Reduce friction in your engine with separating active surfaces,
Surfaces slippery to facilitate movement,
Forming a film on the surface to prevent corrosion and oxidation To prevent oil and fuel mixture in the engine To improve the performance of your vehicle with high quality ingredients.

Goltes Petrokimya was established in year 2005 in Istanbul Turkey. Golteks got required certificates (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001 and ISO16949) related to production and quality, and obtained a respectable place with its GL OIL brands in itsfield.

Multigrade engine oil, monograde engine oil, hydraulicsystemoil, various industrial oils, transmissionoil, 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycle oil, oil and diesel additives, engine break-in oilsand a variety of oil preparations are among the products of Golteks.

Our head Office in Ataşehir/ISTANBUL and manufacturerplant (Factory) in Biga Çanakkale with 5000 squaremeter indoor area (Total 10.000 squaremeters).

Mineral oil is filled in package susing full-automatic fill ingmachines in modern facilities and uses 100% virginbaseoil in her products and quality additives and applies high-tech manufacturing processes and quality control techniques in all stages of production. Precisefilling with automatic fill in glines, packaging, storage, and shipment are managed thanks to her state-of-the-art technology designed to fill multiple 1 lt, 4 lt, 5 lt, 20 lt, 16 kg cans and 202 lt plastic barrels.

Vendors in 10 countries carry the achievements in sales a step further thanks to high-performance products supplied by distributers and the reasonable prices.

What underlies this success is a strategy of applying high-tech in the products and seeking its own success in the success of her customers. Coming a longway in a short time, Golteks Petrochemical is now heading towards the future with confidence and persistence, being a source of pride for Turkey with high quality products in the engine oil and industrial oil sector.

Golteks is Aiming to competitive prices accordance with TSE (Turkish standards institute) and international standards in the global market and offering modern, reliable, quality service with an an alytical approach and disciplined team idea in the automotive industry.

GL, your correct address in mineral oil

Being a role model with effective & efficient methods in product & product ionprocesses, continuously improvement approach, and advanced technology that we use; perpetuateour image & success in the world markets.

  • Responding customer demands and expectations in the short estperiod of the time for each developed product & service.
  • Using industry's technological opportunities in the best and fastest way.
  • Within the quality compatibility framework, to achievestable production.
  • Respecting individual community and customers & employees.
  • Being an organization with environment & lawabiding, reliable, innovative and creative.
  • Meeting quickly expectations of customers & employees with a dynamic teamwork as the highest level.
  • Fulfilling the ISO 9001 quality criterias.
  • Being the first in customer loyalty in the industry.
  • Being a first choice with providing after sales service, reliable and high business ethics.
  • Planning our activities as customer focused
  • Always providing accurate information toour customers on time.
  • When offering the service; acting with caring of society, environment and society and believing teamworking.
  • Investing in peopleandtechnologywithawareness of thebetweenfirmscreatedbypeopleacting.
  • Improving our customers as honest and transparentmanners.
  • A modern company being a sensitive environment and society.
  • Our company which is having the trust of customer by working concept of unconditional service, providing the best opportunities to our customer.
  • Being a prestige and reliable company with produce on time with export and import services.
  • Systematic Management: Weget the ISO9001 Global Standard Assurance and our other legal responsibilities as a reference for the success of our activities.
  • Human Resources: We will develop our knowledge, experience & capacity by continuous training & practices enough to all demand of our customers by our workers participation, innovation and teamspirit.
  • Continious Improvement: We will provide continuous improvements about loosing of time, capital & others our cesby "Efficiency & Economy" awareness with widespread participation of all qualified employees and approved suppliers.
  • Consciousness of Environmental Care: We willcare of our environment from all kind of hazardous effects by using the most appropriatematerial and technology.


  • Establishing document edandmaintained "ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" for ensuringtoper form the requirements of our environmental policy effectively by continuous development,
  • Using "THE SAFEST AND UP TO DATE" OccupationalHealthandSafetyequipment, methodsandtechnologies,
  • "PERMITING TO STOP OF UNSAFE ACTS BY ANY PERSONNEL" who objectively determines the work to be a threat to personnel orenvironment,
  • Assessing the risks and hazards and taking appropriate and timely action with a "PROACTIVE APPROACH",
  • Being in compliance with the Local Laws and Legislation; further more, improving our HSE performance by monitor in gand setting new targets,
  • Training all our personnel and leading them toreach the actual the oretical knowledge, competency & practical experience with our "PLANNED TRAINING PROGRAM",
  • Strivingto be a "ROLE MODEL" in our sector with the contribution of all our personnel and suppliers.
GL Oil
GL Oil
GL Oil




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